Our referral process

Please Complete our referral form with as much information as you can. We will then contact you and arrange a date to complete a full needs assessement of the indivdual. 


When we receive a referral we will usually arrange a visit with the individual along with someone who is familiar with their needs.In most cases this is a social worker or a health professional. We always aim to involve the individuals and the people who are important to them.


We always complete a full needs assessment and this will be carried out by an experience trained member of our team.

At the assessment we will gather information about your needs, this will entail asking questions, for example, your health needs, your abilities and what areas of support you require help with. We will always try to make this process as comfortable for you as possible as we are aware some questions may appear inappropriate or intrusive.


The aim of our assessment is to gather as much information about you as possible, this helps us build a picture of the support you require.

To complete the picture we will also use information gathered from other assessments conducted by social workers and health professionals as well as person centred plans; this is always subject to permission being granted.


Our next step is to submit a written proposal detailing the specific care/support that you require from the information gathered during our assessment process. We would include and provide the exact details of the level of care/ support you require with specific tasks, highlighting as to how we would

deliver these throughout the day/week. We will also breakdown the cost of each task making it clear.


We will also inform you of an estimated date we would commence the service (Taking into account the recruitment of staff and the sourcing of a property if housing is required)


The cost of our service can be covered in a combination of ways, including social care and health funding, health authority funding, direct payments and/or your own finances.


Recruitment of our team is very important to us and you. Rest assured all our team are locally recruited from a variety of cultural, ethnic and geographical backgrounds. We always specifically recruit for you and to help with this we encourage users of our services and/or carers to be involved in the whole recruitment process and sign off. You can be involved in the short listing and be on the interview panel. 

The designated manager who is setting up / working with you will invite you and those important to you; they will also support you to prepare a staffing profile and interview questions. If you or those important to you do not wish to take part in any element you will have the option to attend meet and greet sessions prior to staff being appointed. This will enable you to make a decision on whether this person/s are right for you.


Unlike most services we understand how important choosing the right home is to you and we can offer support with this.

The designated Manager will work closely with you and those important to you i.e. family member and / or a professional to support you finding a suitable home. Unlike other providers we work closely with a partnership group and other housing agancies vetted by ourselves to obtain the appropriate property for you. Once this is attained the manager will support you to choose your furnishings and decor of the home as well as ensuring the home is fully adapted to meet your needs.The tenancy agreement will be in your name and in a user friendly format. 

Your support staff (If need be) will help you to budget, pay bills,and complete household chores. 


One month before the start of your new service we will always carry out a statutory review. This involes you, those closet to you, professionals and a senior team member from Complesso.


Regular review meetings will be held throughout the time we are providing a service to you.

The reviews will take place on an agreed basis. This is to ensure our service is meeting your needs and aspirations.

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