Our Approach

Complesso Healtcare Solutions aim to support vulnerable people to live with a high degree of independence. We support people including those with a learning disability, physical disability, those experiencing mental ill health and older adults to achieve an independent lifestyle. In order to achieve this aim we apply the following key principles: -


• To build a package of support and/or care that is genuinely centred on the individual’s needs and aspirations.


• To provide the highest possible quality of care and support to the individual who because of a learning disability, mental illness or physical disability require support to live independently. We also support other vulnerable groups including the elderly. 


• To support the individual, where appropriate, to participate in the recruitment and selection of his / her support worker/s. 


• To ensure that the support offered to the individual has a focus on the individual acquiring the skills, experiences and confidence to live a more independent lifestyle. 


• To ensure that our service responds to the needs as described in the individuals Person Centred Plan and/or Plan of Care / Support. 


• To support the individual, where required, to access quality affordable housing. 


• To give the individual choices of where to live, who to live with and who supports them. 


• We believe that all people are able to grow. We believe in ability, capability and capacity. We actively encourage and support people to develop to their full potential.

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